Remembering Rosie: A Worldwide Celebration

Friday, November 8, 2013 – Sunday, November 10, 2013


  1. Rosie has 3 online Facebook event pages made. One for each day… Friday, November 8, Saturday, November 9, and Sunday, November 10. So if your online one of those days, plan too or want to join others on all of them, jump on your computers, phones, tablets and join in. Upload your photos, tell us what your doing, just chat about Rosie…doesn’t matter, its open for all of us that love Rosie and cannot go to “In Person” Public Events below.
  2. This film is by All Spirit Ministries broadcasting from Upstate New York. Pastor Brian Del Piano leading the service. 

    “Rosie’s Worldwide Memorial Service” is available on YouTube beginning Friday, Nov. 8 at 4:00 am EST and continue to run. Participants are encouraged to leave their comments.
  3. If you are trying to find a way to commemorate Rosie’s spirit and carry out her mission of love, please contact a local rescue or your city/county animal shelter and find out what they need. If you decide to honor her this way, please photograph your activity and let the rescue/shelter know about Rosie’s legacy.
  4. You might go light an online candle that was created by Evie Amodeo, or watch the videos on Rosie’s website. You’re still part of Rosie’s memorial!
  5. Others might want to wear Rosie’s colors that day (teal, pink, and black). Awesome! And remember to go to one of those Rosie’s dated facebook event pages above and share some pics. We’d love to see!!
  6. Charlene Toset shared … My individual memorial plan: a) invocation, b) read Rosie’s story, c) play slideshow by diann (above), on mute while playing ‘Fly to the Angels’ by Slaughter, d) light a candle, e) have a minute of silence, f) the benediction. I plan to start at 1:00 pm on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013.
  7. Kay Ruffini says… I will be volunteering for Animal Match Rescue Team small dog rescue on Sunday. This will be my homage to Rosie.

These are just a few things you can do to Celebrate Rosie with us online or privately!

Celebrating Rosie: “Public Events”

Public events are folks from around the world that are having their own “In Person, face to face” event somewhere in their area. Example, in California someone might hold an event in their town or city at a local park and anyone is welcome to attend in person, even their furry pals. We are including some of those below just in case your in their area and wish to attend.

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - Memorial For Rosie - SF Bay Area

Saturday, November 9, 2013 – Memorial For Rosie – SF Bay Area

Remember Rosie at World Peace Rose Garden - Sacramento CA

Saturday, November 9, 2013 – Remember Rosie at World Peace Rose Garden – Sacramento CA

REMEMBERING ROSIE – Public Events “In Person Events”:

Sunday, November 10 @ 11am
13700 Sunset View Street
Anchorage, AK
Contact: Kimberly Isada
Join on Facebook
Saturday, November 9th @ 10am
World Peace Rose Garden
Sacramento, CA
Saturday, November 9 @ 11am
San Leandro Marina
San Francisco, CA
Join on Facebook
Sunday, November 10 @ 3-6pm PST time
John U.Lloyd State Park Beach
6503 North
Ocean Drive Dania Bch, FL
Join on Facebook
Sunday, November 10 @ 12-4pm
Chattaway Restaurant
St. Petersburg, FL
Special invitation to those who wish to bring a special-needs adopted pet
Saturday, November 9, 7:30 am
Kaneohe, Oahu, HI
Kualoa Regional Park
Join on Facebook
Saturday, November 9 @ 9-11am
Pet Supplies Plus
1030 Main St., S. Waltham, Ma.
Boston, MA
Join on Facebook
Saturday, November 9 @ 9am – ?
Brothers Wolf Animal Rescue
Joyce B. Cambron Adoption Ctr. Bldg
31 Glendale Ave.
Asheville, NC
Saturday, November 9 @ 2pm
Hazelia Field Dog Park
Lake Oswego, OR (Portland area)
Join on Facebook
Saturday, November 9 @ 9am
Burrough’s Park
Tomball, TX

Here are some suggestions for public events, private gatherings, or individual memorials. If you are going to create a public event which anyone is welcome to attend, please contact Team Rosie at with date, time, location, and contact info.


  1. What are Rosie’s theme colors: teal, pink, and black.
  2. What are Rosie’s favorite songs:
    “Rosie” by Dick Van Dyke
    “Just the Way You Look Tonight” by Fred Astaire
    “Somewhere in My Heart” by Aztec Camera
    “Fly to the Angels” by Slaughter
  3. What about releasing balloons for Rosie: We ask you that you do *not* do a balloon release, but come up with maybe a rose petal scatter or something. Scattering flower seeds or grass seeds would be wonderful too! Cinnamon has asked specifically that we not do balloons because when they eventually land, they can harm other creatures by digesting the deflated ballons.
  4. Can I make things with Rosie’s photos:
    You bet…flyers, brochures for your event to pass out, or you can print her photos on your home computer to make your own collages or framed photo.
    2. Some people want to use Rosie’s photo as their facebook profile pic, please do, but please add this description… “Learn more about Everything Rosie at” …so others will be able to learn about her.
    3. You can also download some of the banners and images provided in the Downloads below, but again, please add the description once uploaded.
  5. What you may “NOT” do with Rosie’s photos:
    1. You may not download and upload to websites, upload multiple photos onto your personal profile pages. Please respect that Rosie has a website and her own facebook page where her story and mission can be found easily. If in doubt, contact us on facebook.
    2. You may not sell Rosie’s images or use for profit in any way and must get permission to do so. Rosie’s images are copyrighted from professional photographers and Cinnamon Muhlbauer and although Everything Rosie has permission to use them, it does not include fair use for everyone. If in doubt, again, contact us on facebook.


We’re providing a few images for those of you that wish to change your facebook cover for a specific date that you will be Celebrating. Might also come in handy for those that have facebook Event pages. Also attached are some printable images if you wish to make a flyer to pass out or just to have for yourself.

Remembering Everything Rosie 8th
Facebook Cover November 8, 2013

Remembering Everything Rosie 9th
Facebook Cover November 9, 2013

Remembering Everything Rosie 10th
Facebook Cover November 10, 2013

Rosie by Jack Pullan
Illustration of Rosie by Jack Pullan
Could make a cute facebook profile pic.

Download Here

Everything Rosie -Shine a light on Animal Hoarding
Printable flyer
Everything Rosie – Shine a light on Animal Hoarding

Rosie’s Story

Backyard breeding and animal hoarding are sadly nothing new. But with the internet making it so easy to sell animals quickly and anonymously, this unethical practice is still thriving. In places where animal limits are enforced by law, these operations require keeping dogs, cats and other pets hidden from neighbors and local authorities. Taking these animals to the vet would lead to discovery of their appalling conditions. So they perpetuate, without proper care, without medical care, without love. They inbreed without regard until there are dozens or more of sick animals living in filth. Buyers willing to purchase puppies without proper research – over the internet, in public parking lots, and from pet stores – create the demand that continues the cycle of greed and suffering.

In 2012, a backyard breeder/hoarder in a quiet Los Angeles suburb lost her house, and she had to find someone to take over 40 dogs that no one – not even her next-door neighbors – knew to exist. These dogs had never seen sunlight, never had medical care and were terrified of the outside world. There were puppies, pregnant mothers, dogs so matted it was impossible to identify what lay underneath. As with any situation where dogs are inbred, there were several with congenital defects – in this case some were born without front legs.

And then there was Rosie.

Rosie was born on Valentine’s Day, 2010. She had congenital deformities of the face, jaw, spine, and legs. By adulthood, twice the amount of teeth were crammed into her long, misshapen upper jaw. Oversized curved teeth hooked up from a half-sized lower jaw. Rosie couldn’t close her mouth. Her tongue was trapped at the back of her throat, and there was no way to chew. She struggled to eat by scooping food backward into her mouth. When she was a few months old, her front leg bones stopped growing. As the bones fused, she learned to walk on the first third of her front legs rather than on her twisted and curving feet. Her spine was twisted by scoliosis. Poor nutrition and filthy living conditions resulted in mange that robbed her of most of her fur. Living in darkness, her eyes had trouble adjusting to any form of light.

And yet Rosie survived. In the house where no one knew she and others were suffering, she hid under furniture for protection. Despite her deformities, she crawled across urine-soaked floors, though years of feces, to find what bits of food the others left behind. She lived this way for two years. Others in her family had lived for many more years in these hellish conditions. Others had died there too, with no hope and no help.

But in the summer of 2012, life changed for Rosie and her family as the news broke about their desperate need. It started with one person passing by, who stopped, and chose to help. Rescuers persisted in their attempts to draw these dogs, a few at a time, from their terrible conditions. Rosie was adopted by Cinnamon Muhlbauer and Ed DeGenaro, who have included many special-needs animals in their family through the years.

But Rosie’s case was daunting. She needed so much care that it truly took a village…and eventually a worldwide community…to save her. Funds were quickly raised for initial medical treatment, and a Facebook page, Everything Rosie, established to keep her supporters apprised of her journey and of the situation for other dogs in the Los Angeles case. More hands reached out to help Rosie and others. The dedicated healers at Malibu Vet Clinic poured their expertise and love into her rehabilitation. Her profile appeared in the news media, radio, blogs and magazines. Within the first three months of her rescue, Rosie had undergone two major surgeries to remove her extra teeth and repair her jaw. She began to grow fur again. Her eyes began to adjust to light. And what a life she embraced! She discovered squeaky toys, soft blankets, and her favorite treat, whipped cream. She loved to go to the beach and watch the waves and surfers. She had to wear protective clothing, and turned into a fashion diva! She helped her mom Cinnamon rescue a litter of newborn kittens, and was a dedicated and loving foster mama to her special kitten Ophelia.

Rosie underwent surgery again this summer, to remove a damaged salivary gland. Recovery, though steady, was very slow. Then, the shock: In early October, Rosie began to experience respiratory problems, and in just a few days, she was gone. On October 10, 2013, Rosie pressed her face to Cinnamon’s, and then left this world. Her doctors confirmed that nothing could have been done. The ticking time bomb of her genetics – all because of one person’s greed – had simply run out.

But this will not be Rosie’s legacy.

Dear Friends of Rosie:

The response to a worldwide Rosie memorial has been tremendous, and we are excited to invite you to this weekend of celebration! Wherever we can, we want to get people out to meet others who followed Rosie, not just to mourn her passing, but to shine a light on those like her who are still suffering alone in the dark. Where face-to-face isn’t possible, we want to unite Rosie’s worldwide family via the Internet. Keeping Rosie’s legacy alive doesn’t take millions of dollars, it only takes all of us talking to people–our neighbors, friends, family and colleagues–about hoarding and backyard breeding. It only takes stepping outside of your idea of a perfect dog or cat when you adopt, and reaching instead for the blind, the old, the sick, the not so perfect pet. I say perfect… but what does that mean? To me Rosie was as perfect as one can get. I wish for all of you to connect to another soul (of any species) the way I connected to my Rosie. She was and is an amazing blessing.

Eddie and I are immensely grateful to everyone for your love and support. We could not have done anything for Rosie without your help. We truly hope that for the sake of our beautiful Rosie, the girl who stole hearts, you will help keep Rosie’s memory alive. We can really do something wonderful if we work together. Please don’t let Rosie’s story end here.
Rosie is a very curious and loving little lady.
Cinnamon and Rosie