April 26, 2013 Rosie Update

The past couple of months have been really tough for Rosie, it seemed that her ankle would never heal. All of us were disheartened, Rosie was beginning to lose interest in food, and a skin graft was looking like a real possibility. We weren’t giving up by any means but it felt a lot like swimming in quicksand.

Then two really wonderful things happened:

1) one of Rosie’s FB family suggested we put Rosie on a special diet from Addiction Pet Food and sent out their hypo-allergenic food for Rosie, and

2) Kino at Warrior Wound Care sent Dr. Lupo their amazing bandages. Rosie was eating again and eating with gusto. Her mood and her energy level improved. Within days of applying the new bandages, there was visible improvement in Rosie’s ankle.

I am so grateful to everyone for the love and prayers. I am really thrilled to have a great team at Malibu Vet. And I am indebted to the folks at Warrior Wound Care and Addiction Pet Food for providing that extra push!

Rosie’s ankle will be slathered in honey and a light wrapping part of the day to help the healing and we are finally going to get to try out the wonderful protective gear her friend Jennifer made her. I’ll post those photos over the weekend.

Go Rosie 🙂 xxoo