August 26, 2012 Rosie Update

It’s Sunday and we are one day closer to her Wednesday surgery. Rosie is not thrilled about being fed, she really wants to do it herself. Her appetite continues to be strong and the feeding every hour during the day are less tiring for her.

It would be great if she was not so picky. She spit out a blenderized version of silk/satin balls. She just let a protein drink dribble right back out as she gave me the stink eye. She generally shuns anything that isn’t chicken. So I am being creative with her chicken baby food and her Merrick canned food and adding eggs, etc. to make it more high calorie.

Obviously her stubborn streak is how she survived this long. I admire as well as respect her little opinionated personality – I am happy she has a chance to exercise her free will 🙂

I am going to take her outside for a short push in her stroller later if it isn’t too hot. That’s the Rosie bulletin!  Happy Sunday 🙂