August 30, 2012 Rosie home from surgery

Rosie is home!!! I got to the vet right about 6 and was there for nearly an hour as we went over the photographs from her surgery, discussed her care for the next couple of days, and so forth. When they brought her out to me, she wagged her tiny tail and tried to stand. She was as happy to see me as I was to see her. She is not very vocal usually but she was making lots of little grunty noises and it was almost as if she was telling Dr. Walker and Yvonne that they had better not poke her again since her mom was there to protect her 🙂

Eddie and I fed her a few minutes ago and she is dozing next to me. I am going to post two photos Dr. Walker took of Rosie’s mouth during surgery so you can see what they did. I will post a warning too so that those of you who are squeamish will not look.

I have to say, she doesn’t look as bad as I expected. Her face is swollen but her eyes are bright, she is very alert, she is hungry, and she is, well she is being Rosie!

Dr. Walker says the next 5 days are crucial. So glad it’s a long weekend!

Will post a progress report tomorrow!!!
Happy Friday!!!