Dec. 1, 2012 Rosie Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been swamped at work and spent what little free time available tending to Rosie and the rest of the crew here.

My quest has been to get weight on her and I think I finally figured out a good combination of food items that she can and will eat easily and heartily. I will take her for a weigh in next week to see if it’s working but just looking at her and holding her, I am pretty certain we are on the right path.

One thing I’ve always thought was odd is Rosie not barking. Coming from a house with so many other dogs, it isn’t that she didn’t know what to do – so the assumption has been she is not capable of it. She dreams when she sleeps and the dreams are pretty vivid. She moves her legs, she mouths things…in her dreams she is active and healthy. Last night she made a barking sound, not a true bark, but the closest thing she has ever made to one. It woke me up – she sleeps with her head on my shoulder – and I thought I was dreaming but she did it again. I am hoping this means she is progressing to the point that we will hear more vocalizations from her when she is awake.

Rosie is going to participate in a photo with Santa fundraiser to benefit a spay/neuter program this month. I will post the details later today. I am looking forward to it and know she will have a great time!!!

Happy Saturday 🙂