Dec 19, 2013 Express your love this Christmas

Every day is tough and every Thursday is more so. As Christmas approaches and everyone is posting their cute Santa photos, the disappointment and pain is felt anew.

Almost a year ago today, Rosie and I were sitting in the sun and paw printing her Santa photos to send to her friends. I wish I’d made a set of prints for me, the only ones I have are the ones done in plaster at the crematory.

Rosie signing her Santa cards Dec 2012

Rosie signing her Santa cards last year.

I hate going to the shelter but in Rosie’s memory today I drove to a shelter in South Los Angeles to free a dog named Basil. With his one blue eye and blue merle coloring, he looks like a Rosie relative and the idea he would be euthanized or spend the holidays in the shelter made me sick. A lovely woman in Baltimore is adopting him, and her daughter is on a plane (as I type this) to hand carry him back in the morning! This was all last minute and thankfully, Dr. Lupo was able to get him in on short notice to issue the health certificate for his flight. Being at Malibu Vet, taking Basil’s photo in the same exam room where I spent so much time with Rosie, it was…well, I don’t even know what words to use to describe how I felt.

Basil gets his health certificate

I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this but if you are stressing over what to buy the person you love and the ads on your tv are telling you a new car or a diamond is the only way you can express your love – put away your wallet. Walk over to that person and tell them how much you love them because that is the best gift you can ever give someone. Don’t buy your dog or cat a toy, give them an extra walk or set aside an extra hour or two to give them one on one attention. I never felt more loved than I did when Rosie would look at me so happy that I wanted to spend time with her. You don’t need a lot of money to make someone feel loved…
Much peace to you all,