Deepest sypathies and condolences go to Miss Trixie’s family

As some of you have seen, Miss Trixie didn’t make it. I have been in contact with Kristen all day and we were both hoping for another outcome – as I know all of you were too. Kristen is devastated. I think we all are.

There are no guarantees for a happy ending when rescuing dogs like Trixie and Rosie. Kristen opened her heart and her home to a tiny, wounded little doll of a dog knowing this could happen but she took that leap. She took the same leap I took when I walked down the driveway of that hoarder house holding a stinky little bag of bones.

Kristen did everything she could for Trixie. She fought hard to give her a life. Trixie had love and comfort for a very short time but at least she had the chance that thousands of other dogs don’t get. They are left to starve when they can no longer breed or left like Rosie to live in filth. It may not seem like it now, but Trixie got lucky – she didn’t die in the same hell she occupied for most of her life.

The story here is not that Trixie died. It’s that she lived and hung in there to get that moment in the sun running in Kristen’s back yard and being cuddled. It’s the story Rosie’s been blessed to tell as well.

We need to unite in Trixie’s memory and in writing the new chapters of Rosie’s story and stop the practice of breeding for greed. We need to get dogs like Trixie and Rosie into loving homes and out of the darkness and neglect.

I ask that all of Rosie’s FB family remember Trixie’s bright shiny smile and promise to help the dogs out there waiting for their chance at love.

All our love to Kristen, Phil and our heart to Trixie!
Love Rosie and Cinnamon