Dreena and Roo

Dreena rescued poor Roo and she is now living a wonderful life educating people about dogs with disabilities and visiting hospitals to spread cheer! How wonderful is that!!!

Little Roo was dropped off at the shelter when she was only 6 weeks old by a breeder that couldn’t sell her. Both of her front legs are fused much like Rosie’s (Rosie walks like Little Roo.) So I took her home to foster her and of course we couldn’t give her up, we fell in love with her. Special needs animals bring such a joy to your life. Little Roo is a Certified Therapy Dog and a Reading Assistance dog for children. Roo goes to schools, hospitals, and special events. Educating people about special needs animals is an important thing to do to show they are wonderful companions and best friends just as much as other animals. I have had many people come up and ask questions about Roo and say “shes special like me” with a smile. Its about the smiles she brings to children, Veterans, and its about making that “special needs” human feel good. Thank you Cinnamon and Rosie is an inspiration for many others to come.