Feb 16, 2013 Rosie Update (pic)

We saw the Doc today and her stitches are still holding and the skin is healing but the site is a bit inflamed which has us all concerned. She has to remain on the Clavamox for at least another week and will need to go back Mon or Tues for another check up.

Rosie is a challenge…We had a very quiet Valentine’s and birthday…she had a huge dollop of whipped cream – she loves that stuff – and we spent the day relaxing with her napping and eating. I fully expected everything was going to be progressing well, I really wasn’t prepared for an signs of an infection. Her immune system isn’t great no matter how much or what supplements, food, etc. she gets. I know that a few months ago we made the decision not to put her through a lot of procedures and tests to discover how she ticks when there isn’t much that can be changed; however, it looks like once her ankle is healed, we need to explore her pancreas function. It’s possible that she isn’t processing the nutrients from her food which is why we aren’t seeing weight gain or any real boost in her immune system.

Mentally and emotionally she is amazing. While we were waiting to see the Doc, another doggie patient was taking the trip to the bridge. This was happening quietly and in private but Rosie picked up on it immediately. Her little body tensed, she shook and she let out a tiny sound of distress unlike anything I’ve heard from her before. When the owner came out, visibly shaken and walked by us, Rosie’s eyes followed him and she strained to see him as he went out the door. She knew, she felt it, and she was very nervous the rest of the morning. She didn’t settle down until we were home and she had eaten some lunch.

If her body could only improve the way her mind and spirit has, we’d be jogging… So keep thinking of her and picturing a healthy Rosie.

Rosie Feb16 2013