February 14, 2015 – Happy Birthday to my Valentine Rosie

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s Rosie’s birthday. She would be five years old. I started my day watching videos of her enjoying life and then I got dressed and went to the special needs adoption event that Jasmin Saving K9 Lives put together.

It was wonderful to see so many rescues there with their extra special dogs and it was great to show Odessa, Abby, Noah and Mary to folks. We have a few folks interested in Abby and Odessa – fingers crossed that the applications work out. Although finding good homes for the special needs animals was the point of the event, bringing so many wonderful souls together in one space playing, snuggling, begging for treats, purring, barking and essentially doing everything any other animal does, the public got to see that a dog with a physical challenge or a cat needing a bit more assistance is truly deserving of a chance at happiness and a loving home. We answered hundreds of questions and it never got old. It made me smile every time I saw someone recognize the value of these animals.

That said, it was a very difficult day for me. Rosie should have been by my side, doing what she loved to do…spreading love and joy to all around her. I’m going to bed early, so my day is almost done and I can change the date on the calendar to one less painful. Before I sign off and wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, I want thank Jasmin Gabay Kimball for organizing this wonderful event, I want to thank all of the rescues that brought their animals AND I want to thank the Rosie community for coming out to say hi to me on such a tough day. I truly appreciate your kindness and support!

xxoo to you all,

Happy Birthday Valentine Rosie