February 2, 2013 Rosie Update (pics)

Rosie’s skin is very fine and very easily scraped. When I dress her, I hear a lot of negative comments about dogs in clothes. I haven’t dressed her for a week and let her hop around her playpen without jammies on. Very bad idea…while it does restrict her movement a tiny bit,clothing keeps her skin protected. She wore a hole into her ankle that will take a while to heal. She doesn’t like it, but she is on restriction for the next couple of weeks. Smaller play area and a couple of layers of clothing to protect her. I hate that she can’t play the way she wants to without hurting herself. Hopefully some day her skin will be less sensitive! Keep the little lady in your thoughts and prayers!

Dr. Antonio the Italian Greyhound says “he wishes he could visit Rosie and help her get well. We love you, Rosie!”

Rosie’s skin is ultra sensitive and she manages to wear holes in her very thin skin. This time she managed to rip a hole in her ankle that is down to the bone. They can’t stitch it so she has to remain quiet and bandaged for a few weeks. She will return to Malibu Vet on Tues or Wed for a bandage change and another laser treatment.

Rosie has a great new bed that supports her body nicely while recuperating!

I am not happy about this bandage business…

Well…maybe I can relax a bit, this quite comfy. Thank you Brenda