Getting a new Pet for the Holidays? (video)

Please everyone think before buying a pet this holiday season… Never purchase a puppy at a pet shop, online puppy sites, flea markets, roadside stands or from breeders that you don’t know. If you bought a puppy off Craigslist or from someone selling dogs in a grocery store parking lot, chances are your puppy came from a puppy mill, backyard breeder/hoarder.

The video below taken on October 2012 in Flower Mound, Texas show people that Puppy Mill Breeders just DONT care at all about anything but their money…The very dogs in puppy stores and pet shops, designer shops, online shops are the kids of these MOMS AND DADS.

Published by HumaneSocietyofFM
In October 2012, 51 Maltese were abandoned by a breeder on a country road in west Flower Mound, Texas. The dogs were in appalling condition and had obviously been part of a puppy mill operation. Officials speculated that the breeder might have dumped them in order to avoid falling under scrutiny due to a new law regulating commercial breeders in Texas. Whatever the reason, they needed help. This is their story…so far. You can continue to follow their progress on our Facebook page at

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STOP SHOPPING AND START ADOPTING.. you will NEVER regret it! Your local Animal Shelters have wonderful pets just needing a loving home.