Jan 16, 2014 Remembering Rosie on a warm So CA day

The weather in So CA is unseasonably warm for January and being on red alert for brushfires is never fun. Yet, today was one of those days that Rosie loved.

I took this photo on a day like today. There is only one road leading out of our neighborhood and if we need to go to the store we turn right, left if we are going to the cliffs or the beach. Rosie quickly learned which direction was her favorite! We’d turn left, and she would lean her body left and look at me excited and happy. If we turned right, she’d give me the stink eye and take a nap.

The day I took this photo, she was so happy to get out. I needed to get a part so I could fix our washing machine and when I reached the end of the driveway, an excited Rosie realized we were turning right, not left. She was so disappointed, I made a uturn and said screw it…we are going to the beach. Because I didn’t have her beach blankets in the car (they were in the broken washer), I put her in the stroller and we sat watching the ocean from the cliff. I felt bad about not dealing with the washing machine but in hindsight, I am so glad I did what Rosie wanted to do that day. You can see she was glad too.

I hiked to the top of the hill and looked at the ocean today. I blew her a kiss…I am pretty certain my girl is hanging around on her beloved beach.

If only I could have played hooky with her today…I’d give anything for that chance again.

Remembering Rosie on a warm So CA day