January 13, 2013 Penny, Rosie & Groby (pics)

Rosie went to visit Penny and Groby today. It was chilly but the sun was out and it was a gorgeous day. Rosie really enjoys getting out and about!

Hope Ranch went to an auction two months ago hoping to get a deal on some equipment, instead they bought Penny. She had a broken jaw and hadn’t eaten for some time. No one wanted to buy her and she would have been sent to slaughter. Lori and Bob couldn’t leave without her so they brought her to Hope Ranch to heal. She is 5 years old, and a purebred quarterhorse. She is green broke and has a very quiet nature.

Penny is beautiful isn’t she?

She’s gained a nice amount of weight, she was just skin and bones when Hope Ranch bought her at the auction. Her jaw was broken and she hadn’t eaten in who knows how long.

Lori Morris exercising Penny.

Tony, you are supposed to saddle the horse…not me okay?

She wanted a close up!

Penny loves Groby, Rosie was not so sure about Penny and asked Lori if it was okay!!!

Rosie says she can look like a horse too!