July 24, 2012 been a month since Rosies rescue

Today is national Tequila Day…who knew? Anyway, it’s been just over a month since Rosie’s rescue and she is doing much better than I imagined!

Before I get into specifics on her progress, I need to say thank you to all the people that have helped Rosie. Whether you send prayers, donations, presents, or stop by and visit her page each day – you are helping her. When I picked her up that first day, she was dirty and very bewildered. Today, she is confident, curious, clean and comfy!

For the most part, Rosie wants to do whatever I ask of her. Some of you have questioned how I can know that when she can’t tell me the way another dog could. WRONG!!! Rosie whines and cries when she isn’t getting what she wants. She fusses and resists if she doesn’t feel like wearing something or having me brush her teeth right that minute. If she doesn’t feel like posing for the camera, she puts her head under the blanket. If a stranger wants to touch her and she doesn’t like them, she turns her head away. If she wants to sit in my lap and I want her to sit next to me, she will just keep climbing back up there until I give in. Granted, she cannot behave or misbehave like most dogs but she has her likes/dislikes and has learned how to communicate those in a way I understand.

Also, some folks comment that she looks scared in her photos. I don’t think Rosie is afraid of anything. If another dog comes to close to her playpen and she thinks they might try to steal something from her – she does her best moray eel impression – she darts her head out of her blanket and lets out a shriek that sends the other dog running. Because her eyes are such a light color, they look huge and startled, but it is only an illusion.

Rosie’s weight has creeped up just a bit. She is 4.4 pounds now. 2 ounces a month is not much but it’s something! Her neck measures 7.25 around but ideally should be closer to 7.5 inches. Her chest behind her front legs is 10.25 inches; again we would like that to be a bit wider. Because her chest is so oddly shaped, it widens to 12.5 inches toward the middle of her body. She is about 11 – 11.5 from neck to tail. It is not an exact measurement because of her scoliosis. She curves a bit and if I measure straight, it’s the shorter, if I measure vertebrae by vertebrae, it’s the longer.

We DO want to get her in a cart but she needs to build up strength, do some physical therapy for a few months and then we can assess what can be done cartwise that won’t put too much stress on her joints or her back.

I’ll post more photos this week and try to get a video as well. Much love and thanks to all of you!