July 28, 2013 Malibu Arts Festival (pics)

It was overcast and windy in Malibu so we didn’t stay long but Rosie had a great time. Whenever we go out, we don’t get very far before folks want to know about Rosie. Today it took us nearly 2 hours to get through two aisles at the festival. Rosie spreads a message of hope to all she meets, and she brings awareness to the situation of backyard/unethical breeding. She’s a great little spokeslady 🙂

Malibu Arts Festival with Rosie and Mom

This fabulous Woody was on display at the festival today. The license plate was Malibu Woody so we had to take a photo of Malibu Rosie in front of this gorgeous car!!! — at Malibu Arts Festival.

Malibu Arts Festival with Rosie and Mom

If you look closely, you can see the knot on her neck. We kept it covered from the chill. She has a consultation tomorrow at 11:00 – let’s see what the specialist at ASEC says. And notice her beautiful blanket? Her friend Libby from Nevada is visiting and came out to meet us at the festival. She took lots of great photos of Rosie, I am sure she will share them! — at Malibu Arts Festival.