July 29, 2012 Getting read for Malibu Arts Festival (pics)

Rosie had a busy weekend. She visited Bonnie the rescued Belgian at Hope Ranch and learned horses are good and she went to the Malibu Arts Festival where she showed off her new goggles.

Getting read for Malibu Arts Festival July 29

She’s a celebrity!!! Hiding behind her shades at Malibu Arts Festival. Thank you Mary Benadum for the lovely prayer blanket. It fits perfectly in her stroller and she loves it!

Close up of those sunglasses. She is smiling! Thank you Linda Umberger for the shades! They fit her perfectly, and protect her eyes very well.

Gorgeous new dress and a beautiful blanket. And the stroller is a gift from an anonymous fan!

She is really happy here. Thank you Michelle Elizabeth and Bella Pomeranian for the lovely blanket. And Ellyn Annoreno of Three Long Dogs for the lovely dress. She is definitely one of the best dressed gals in town!

Getting read to visit the Bonnie the horse at Hope Ranch. Isn’t that dress the bomb? Thanks House of Three Long Dogs. And Bella Pomeranian said the blanket would be magical…it is!

Not sure about Bonnie at first.

Checking with me to be sure it’s okay.

Rosie is smelling Bonnie…

I guess she is not so bad after all 🙂