March 6, 2013 Rosie Update (pic)

It was drizzling all day so Rosie was very bundled up and sleepy today…She is such a little character 🙂

We visited Dr. Lupo for a bandage change and her little ankle is healing but it is taking forever! We are all getting impatient!

However…one of Rosie’s FB friends is sending her some bandages that are especially designed for this type of wound and we are excited to try them. She goes for another bandage change on Saturday and hopefully we will be able to try them then!

With Rosie’s new story, we have gotten lots of questions about Rosie’s personality so I will try to write something in the next couple of days to answer those questions.

Anyway, keep the good thoughts coming her way and thank you for loving Rosie!

Wake me when we get to Dr. Lupo

Wake me when we get to Dr. Lupo