Nov. 10, 2012 Rosie’s visit with Dr. Lupo (pics)

Rosie had a check up today and blood drawn. We’ll have the blood results back on Monday. She was sneezing a bit on Thursday and even though she eats well, I felt she was losing weight. Lungs and heart sound fine so no cold but she is under 4 pounds again 🙁 We don’t think anything is wrong but a blood draw seemed a good idea just in case!

Bundled up in the car!

She has quite a mix of animal prints here!

And she has a sweater on! It’s chilly today!

That’s a cold stethoscope doc! — at Malibu Vet Clinic.

Are we done? I’ve got stuff to do Dr. Lupo! — at Malibu Vet Clinic.