Nov 14, 2013 – 5 weeks since Rosie passed away

I’ m still reading all the memorial posts – the number of people touched by tiny Rosie astounds me. It is week five (yes, I am still counting minutes) and I am still putting things in my shopping cart she no longer needs and still thinking of fun things to do with her only to remember that isn’t going to happen.

Many of you have written to me or to my friends concerned that I look tired in the photos posted from the memorial here in Los Angeles. Your concern is truly appreciated, it’s true I am tired and wounded, and I know that I Iook it; however, the bigger issue is that I’ve never liked being photographed or being in the spotlight. Look at a photo of me with Rosie, then look at a photo of me without her…there is a huge difference. With her in my arms, I thought we could move mountains, without her…well, without her I don’t like moving myself to the mailbox.

I was sitting here this evening feeling so down without Rosie and so useless. There have been so many hoarding cases this week – it is daunting. Instead of moving forward, I was scrolling through photos of Rosie and crying. Then my phone rang and I received a call from a stranger – a wonderful woman who also adopted an unusual dog and is educating people about love and acceptance of the perfectly imperfect souls like Rosie. She was such a joy to speak to and really gave me the ability to look at things from a more positive perspective. I am extremely grateful to her for that conversation.

Rosie was going to do a Santa photo event again this Christmas to support the mobile spay and neuter unit here. I am broken hearted that we won’t be able to do that but I am working on something Rosie-related that we can use to raise money for the organization providing this service. I truly believe a lot of the hoarding cases begin with one or two intact animals and it balloons out of control. If we can provide access to low cost services, we can quite possibly avoid a future hoarding scenario.

To continue on a positive note…I want all of you to remember Rosie’s funny little personality – here’s a photo of her getting a bath…she was always incredulous that I dared to dunk her…Miss you little lady!!!
Peace to you all,

Everything Rosie getting a bath