Nov. 15, 2012 Rosie Update

Rosie update for Thursday Nov 15
Rosie’s blood work came back and there were a number of abnormal counts.For example her thyroid is a 6 when the lowest acceptable range is 7. Nothing was so off the chart that it signaled infection or organ failure or anything dramatic; yet, the results are a bit worrisome.

After talking with Dr. Lupo, it seems there are two choices: we can test her and medicate her and fight to make all of those values fall into place which might be what someone would do with an average dog. However, the reality is that Rosie isn’t an average dog. She is a blessed little anomaly and with that comes these little differences.

The question before me is what do I want to achieve for Rosie? I want the best quality of life possible. I will do what is within my power to provide it and it is my belief (and Dr. Lupo supports this) that poking, prodding and medicating her is not going to improve her quality of life.

She is as healthy as she will most likely ever be right now and she is definitely happier than she has ever been.

The other issue is that despite the rehabilitative therapy, it is highly doubtful that her hind legs will ever function well enough to push a cart or move her forward much more than they do now. Rosie’s current leg formation is all she has ever known so I don’t think it is betraying her to accept that this may be the best it is going to get for her.

I asked Dr. Lupo what he thought about continuing hydrotherapy and laser treatment etc. and he feels that anything she enjoys and anything that keeps her legs from atrophying or seizing up on her is a good thing so I am going to pursue those treatments for her not with an eye to getting her in a cart but more to maintain (and maybe even improve) her current mobility as well to add more social interaction – which she loves.

Having said all of the above, there is no reason she can’t have a happy, comfortable life – just as she is – serving as an ambassador for special needs dogs and to raise awareness of unethical breeding.

Weather permitting, Rosie will be visiting the park or doing something else fun this weekend and I will share the fun with photos/videos.

Peace to you all 🙂