Remembering Everything Rosie: A Worldwide Celebration Nov. 8-10, 2013

Remembering Everything Rosie: A Worldwide Celebration

Please join us next weekend for Remembering Rosie: A Worldwide Celebration! From Friday, November 8 thru Sunday, November 10, we are inviting Rosie’s world family to take some time to honor her memory, then share your thoughts and photos with us.

Need ideas? On Rosie’s website there are suggestions on how to create a public event, a private gathering, or your own individual memorial. Just go to the Remembering Rosie: A Worldwide Celebration page and use any of the resources or ideas that may appeal to you. You’ll find Rosie’s Story, her playlist, a video slideshow and more.

But, like Rosie taught us – there ARE no rules! Everyone is invited to make their own celebration. Anything from a spiritual service to a pub crawl to bungee jumping, if it’s in honor of our beautiful girl. Give it some thought, then come back here next weekend to start the event. Please post a photo of how you chose to honor Rosie, and be sure to tell us your location so we can track the worldwide wave!

This event is to honor Rosie’s memory, to renew our commitment to help others like her that still need us, and to encourage adoption of pets with special needs. Remember, from Friday through Sunday, for our worldwide family, it’s a celebration of Everything Rosie!