Nov 9, 2013 Remembering Rosie as she took tiny steps toward a new life

Everything Rosie exploring new worlds

We are only half way through Rosie’s memorial weekend and I am so in awe of the love that she is receiving, the acts of kindness done in her name, the gatherings to remember her and the pledges to shine a light on animals living in darkness.

I promise to read each post and look at every photo in the coming days – some of you are making great suggestions for things we can do to keep up the momentum and I appreciate it.

Tomorrow I will gather with some of Rosie’s friends and family at a little restaurant she enjoyed. I will see her daddy Elliot and hold him close.

Today, I am thinking of Rosie as she took tiny steps toward a new life. This picture was one of her first days out in the sunshine without her eyes tearing up from the light. She was not fearful, she was excited to smell everything and explore new worlds. I hope she is excitedly exploring her new world today as well.