Oct. 14, 2012 Rosie Update (pics)

Rosie update Sunday Oct 14, 2012. Her glamour shot generated some questions – two of which I meant to answer earlier this week but time got away from me.

First, yes she has gained some weight. Not sure how much but it is noticeable when I pick her up and in how her bones are not as prominent. Second, yes, her hind legs are stronger. She is working them a lot more. I am thrilled about it but it also means changing some of our routine. For example, she has a car seat that we use mainly to put her in if we go somewhere and don’t want her to be on the ground. She used to be content sitting in it but now she tries to climb out. Granted, it is not very high but she has no way to break her fall even if she drops a couple of inches and we can’t risk her injuring herself. This increase in mobility is also giving her more confidence, which is also good but also means making changes.

We bought her one of those portable baby playpens – I think they are called pack and plays – and set it up as a bassinet so when she’s in that, she is almost eye level with us when we sleep. She has her bed and her toys in there to keep her company. It’s pushed up against my side of the bed so that if she fusses I can hear her and help her. Thursday night she decided to get up on her hind legs and try to climb out and onto the bed! I had just turned off the light and was not yet asleep – I heard her moving around and saw her extending and contracting her hind legs while clutching the rail with her little bent front arms. I gave in and let her sleep in the bed tucked under my chin the past couple of nights – of course that is exactly what she was hoping would happen.

Second, Rosie really does not need anything right now but love and time. She has an appointment next weekend to see Dr. Lupo and I hope we will get the green light to start some physical therapy! Please just keep sending her good thoughts and cheering her on. As you can see from these two shots, she has attitude – she is very possessive about her toys especially her lambchop toys – and is really enjoying all the new things going on around her. She is getting her first bath tonight…something tells me that is not going to go over too well!!!

Happy Sunday! Cinnamon

She loves her lambchop toys!

Don’t even think about touching them!