Oct 16, 2013 Rosie and Cinnamon (pic)

I posted this photo to my personal facebook page last night and decided I will share it here because it is the real us…I snapped this myself because Eddie texted me (he’s been working in India since the last week of August) that he missed seeing his girls in the morning. I wiped the sleep out of our eyes and took the pic for him. It is how we spent a lot of our time.

Rosie and me – 09-01-2013. No makeup, no fancy clothes, just best friends lounging around. Miss her 🙁

The response to a world wide Rosie memorial has been tremendous. If you are interested in participating please email: rosieslegacy@gmail.com What we want to do is get people out meeting/greeting others who followed Rosie not just to mourn our little lady but to shine a light on the ones like her suffering alone in the dark. We can do that. It isn’t going to take millions of dollars, it is only going to take all of us talking to people – our neighbors, friends, family and colleagues – about hoarding and backyard breeding. It is only going to be going outside of your idea of a perfect dog or cat when you adopt and reaching for the blind, the old, the sick, the not so perfect pet. I say perfect – but what does that mean??? To me Rosie was as perfect as one can get.

I wish all of you have the chance to connect to another soul (of any species) the way I connected to my Rosie. She was and is an amazing blessing.