Oct 22, 2013 Rosie’s life has meaning and purpose (video)

This video is from last year 2012, but it’s worth reposting because I want to address a few things and I think this video helps illustrate the points. Excuse the messy house, it was early in the morning…

Many folks thought Rosie couldn’t move or make noises…this video shows that not true. Many folks worried that she may not have understood how to play…she definitely did and would do anything she thought I’d like if it could possibly delay my leaving the house without her – I was late a lot of the time.

Rosie was and always will be beautiful to me. I see a spectacular otherworldly creature from a children’s storybook when I look at her pictures and she radiated something magical when she was in my arms. HOWEVER, what I also see and remember is how those little legs didn’t work as well as she wanted them to and as well as they should have. I see the joy she can hardly contain but can’t fully express. I see a face I dearly loved and will go to my grave loving; yet, I also see the face of a dog that entered this world through a toxic gene pool because of greed and ignorance.

So please understand why I am worried and disturbed to receive emails from people saying they are going to breed their dog and name a pup after Rosie. Please understand that my head and heart ache when people write to say it is such a shame she never had puppies. I know those folks mean well.

Rosie and I made the best of what she had, and with an army of assistance, we still couldn’t repair the damage brought by greed, ignorance and neglect.

Please look at Rosie’s video and celebrate her life. Please promise her that you will never let another animal come into the world this way.
Make her life have meaning and purpose.

Thank you so much,

If you have trouble viewing the embedded facebook video, view here