Oct. 26, 2012 Rosie Update

Quick note for Friday: the one last thing we needed to do was have a final check up on Rosie’s jaw and mouth. So yesterday Rosie visited Dr. Walker and her nurse Yvonne. Rosie’s mouth and jaw are in excellent shape. The tissue is strong and healthy, the stitches have dissolved and, well…it just looks terrific! Our only current and future concern is keeping her remaining 4 molars in good shape so we don’t have to have them removed as well. Rosie is very difficult to intubate because of her throat and chest shape so whether she likes it or not, she is getting her teeth brushed several times a day!!!

Because of my work schedule, Rosie spent the day at the dentist but she enjoyed herself thoroughly. She is so nosy, they don’t make her stay in a cage; instead, she gets to hang out on a little bed and watch everything. Then in the afternoon Yvonne let her work the front desk! She loved greeting people and Yvonne got the chance to share Rosie’s story with their clients! Rosie was happy to see me when I picked her up but she had a really good day in her job as receptionist 🙂 Thanks to Dr. Walker and Yvonne for taking such good care of Rosie!

Tomorrow’s the big day! Physical therapy here we go…