Oneida NY Hoarding case

“Rosie came from a hoarder and I have vowed to help other animals trapped in hoarder hell. I’ve been alerted to a situation in Oneida, NY where a local rescue Angels of Fur have stepped up in partnership with the local shelter to take in 19 Chihuahuas, 3 Chows, 1 Dalmatian, 2 cats and 7 exotic birds that were being hoarded in a 3 room apartment!!! I can’t even imagine the horror of that situation. Medical care and supplies are desperately needed. You can see in the photos the sores on the legs of these poor dogs from being kept crated in urine soaked pens. Some of the male dogs have penises that no longer retract and need surgery to repair this. Dental care for their rotting teeth, grooming, and other basic care is also needed.
These dogs were discovered because a family member reported the situation but as we are learning, unless someone steps up in this way or unless the hoarder voluntarily gives up the animals, the suffering can continue for years. I will be posting information soon on how you can identify these situations in your own neighborhoods, we need to protect animals like Rosie!!!
To help these animals you can send donations to Angels of Fur P.O Box 586 Westmoreland N.Y 13490 r through Paypay- You can also donate directly to CNY Vetrinary Clinic- 4769 St. Rt 233, Westmoreland, N.Y 13490 and mark your donations “Oneida Hoarding Case.” I will keep you posted as I learn more about the situation and hope that some of Rosie’s FB friends in the area will open their homes to these animals!
Xxoo, Cinnamon”

From Oneida NY Hoarding case. Posted by Everything Rosie on 11/13/2013 (12 items)

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