Remembering June 19, 2012

On the night of June 19, 2012, I tossed and turned worrying about a little dog and her family living in filth and deprivation. Somehow, I made it through my work day on June 20, and with shaking hands and a sick stomach, I arrived at the house of horrors to pick up Rosie, her brother Groby Pedroni and her cousin Gogo. I took them straight to Dr. Lupo at Malibu Vet Clinic where the team got to work assessing their condition and what they could do.

Rosie didn’t live the long life I tried – we all tried – so hard to give her, but she did have a wonderful time from June 20, 2012 until October 3, 2013. Rosie lives on in the happy faces of her family. Whenever I see her beautiful daddy Elliott Lighthouse I see Rosie’s shining smile. When I see Groby, GoGo, Pepper or Pocket or any of the others who made it out of that house, I see hope for a better world, a world without animal abuse and exploitation where precious souls like Rosie never stand a chance.

I can’t write much today, her absence is really hitting me hard and going through these photos brought me joy, but ripped open that hole in my heart that will never ever heal.

I’m going to our spot overlooking the ocean today. I’ll think of happy times, I’ll think of the dogs that have been rescued because Rosie inspired someone to save a life. Please, think of ways to stop hoarding and backyard breeding and abuse in your community. Do it for Rosie…xxoo, Cinnamon

Nurse Jenna trims Groby's nails

Nurse Jenna trims Gogo’s nails.

Rosie's brother Groby and cousin GoGo

Rosie’s brother Groby and cousin GoGo got out too! I found them foster care until they could get forever homes. They were born with only nubs for front legs

Rosie loves being fussed over and cuddled. Nurse Jenna

Rosie loved being fussed over and cuddled. Nurse Jenna is telling her what a great girl she is.

Rosie's ears were full of gunk

Rosie’s ears were full of gunk…she was startled to suddenly hear so much better!

Dr. Lupo examining Rosie

Dr. Lupo examining Rosie while Nurse Jenna cleaned all the food stuck behind those poor teeth!