Green/Pink Event Friends

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2013 Furry Friends Go Green/Pink in Honor of Rosie

The First Annual Go Green & Pink Event In Honor of Rosie on Facebook

Sharkie DeVille on the right and Odie McLovin on the left. From Ukiah, California. We love you Rosie!

Sharkie DeVille on the right and Odie McLovin on the left. From Ukiah, California. We love you Rosie!

Pistol, Peanut, Sophia, Foxtrot & Sampson

Going green & pink for Rosie & Cinnamon from Neosho, MO with Pistol, Peanut, Sophia & Foxtrot. Plus Sampson, Jack & Riley (not pictured).♥♥

Antonio the Italian Greyhound

Keep educating people, Rosie!!! And we will continue to share your story and educate others as well! ♥ Antonio


Bella is sending you a wink and a kiss Rosie! She is glad you’re extending the event! She hopes to meet you one day!

Penny, Pocket, Pippin, and Honeysuckle

Hello, Sweet Rosie! Penny, Pocket, Pippin, and Honeysuckle

Biggie Small

I is going pink and green fur my Rosie… ♥ Biggie Small


Rosie – it was SO AWESOME to see you again at the Reunion on June 22, 2013 – you sure are looking GREAT since we left that horrible hoarder house. Love, Oreo

Gus and Doc

Hi Rosie, my name is Gus and this is my older brother Doc and we are from Missouri. My other two brothers are Wyatt and Woody and we all want everyone to Go Green & Pink for our friend Rosie.


I’m Polly and I LOVE Rosie. Sending lots of love from Peoria, Arizona.


We are from Hawaii and we LOVE Rosie! This is Flower, an Italian Greyhound rescued along with 400 animals from a hoarder/puppy miller in 2009. She is my heart and soul and has taught me so much about patience. Rosie is our hero and we think she is absolutely beautiful in every way! Love you Rosie!!!


Go Green & Pink for my friend Rosie ~ forever “angel” Trixie

Ellie May & Madi

Hi Rosie, It’s Ellie May & Madi, the special rescue Wee Chi’s from Az goin PINK & GREEN for yah girlie! We ♥ Rosie xo


Hi….my name is Wingy-Dingy and I am a special needs Muscovy duck. I was raised with humans and don’t understand that I am a duck. I was abandoned and could not fend for myself. I want to support Rosie for the pink and green project. My mom Sylvia Chapa who created the College Duck Whisperer Facebook page gives permission to use my photo to support Rosie in helping all animals.


Hi Rosie… This is Buster the maine coon cat. I would like to wish you all the best on your journey through life. I am in Heaven now looking down and can see how very special you are, but most importantly how much you are loved and cared for the world over. Love to you and all of your friends.


Hi Rosie!!! I got on my ‘Outfit of the Day’ to look good for you ♥ Shorty

Mollie & Gracie

We love Rosie tooo! ♥ Mollie & Gracie


Hope you enjoy you day, we love yo xoxo. ♥ Bernice


Twinkie says, “Hello, Rosie”!! From Glennville, GA!! ♥


Hi Rosie my Name is Bambi and my mommy tells me all about you and how strong and loved you are!! You feel better my freind. xoxoxooxoxoxooxox


Ginjo in Pink and Green, in honor of you! ♥ Love you Rosie

Potman and Bastie Boy

Potman and Bastie Boy goin green/pink for Rosie in Australia!!!


Wifi has gone “Pink” for you Rosie! ♥♥♥♥


Jenni, puppy mill survivor, sends her best wishes to Rosie!


Going Pink and Green for you, Rosie! Love, Alice


I’m all dressed up in my pink pig outfit in honor of you Rosie! love Kylee ♥


Ursa Puppy in The Woodlands, TX, loves you, sweet Rosie! ♥


Hi Rosie! It’s Raven. Rosie I love you! And I’m wearing my pink just for you 🙂 XOXOXOXO


BooBoo sends love to a dellow special needs baby!!!! We need stand for those who cannot speak for themselves!!! ♥♥♥♥


Iz me, Sarah, from Prineville, Oregon. I iz layin’ on Mama’s pink and green quiltie, all ready to share my chewie wit yu and celebratin’ PINK AND GREEN FOR ROSIE week!

Izzie, Beau and Caesar

Izzie, Beau and Caesar are HUGE fans of Rosie! They actually spoke to her “secret admirer” and by their request, sent her treats from Happy Tails Barkery! We hope they made her feel better! She is one strong baby! Thanks Cinnamon Muhlbauer for all that you do! God Bless! ♥ ♥


Hi Rosie- it is your friend Angel. Just wanted to tell you that you are one pawsome dog! Love you, and I am wearing some green and pink in honor of you 🙂


♥ Minkis


Hello Rosie, I´m Pebbles from Germany – former a Romanian stray. When I seen you and your pictures I decited to be a stylish girl, too ♥ Slobbers

Pipsqueak & Kismit

Pipsqueak & Kismit send well wishes and big sloppy puppy kisses to you Rosie!


Clover peeks out of her house to say I love you Rosie!

Toady and Ellie

Toady and Ellie send their love ♥♥ and hopes she gets better soon!!!

Rosie’s Friends: Furry Wishes • Going Green/Pink Wishes • Birthday & Valentine WishesChristmas Wishes  |  Rescue Stories