“Rosie sent me” – by lyndee

February 12, 2014 – One of Rosie’s facebook friends wrote this to Rosie today, isn’t this beautiful!

Rosie Sent Me

Dear Rosie,
Today I had my interview at the local dog shelter to volunteer. …… because of you.
I will be called for training to be a ” potty- walker” for the shelter dogs. ….. because of you.
I am so excited to help these dogs to transition their way to a forever home. … because of you.
I look into their eyes and see fear & uncertainty. But I have hope for them…..because of you.
I feel overwhelmed but know that even one small act will make a difference. ……..because of you.
When they asked me why I wanted to volunteer, I said – “Rosie sent me”

you will not be forgotten. ♡
~ lyndee