Sept. 17, 2012 Rosie update

It was hot in Malibu/Los Angeles this weekend. Rosie’s little metabolism seems to have a tough time regulating her body temperature. She tires easily when it’s hot and gets the chills when the temp is lower than 70. It just seemed like a good idea to let her snooze her weekend away. Next weekend is supposed to be a little cooler and if that is true, we will get video of her.

As you are noticing from the pix, her fur is coming in very nicely along her back and her sides but her legs are still very bare as is her chest. The skin tone on her body is much better too.

That shiny little head of hers is another story. It is still quite pink, very naked, and the skin is very thin and tender. She looks a bit shinier than usual in her new pix because I have shea butter layered all over her head and ears in hopes of coaxing a little fur growth.

I do believe that without her body fighting with those teeth, it will put its resources into other areas like her skin and fur so we will see some real improvement soon.

Next milestone is Tuesday, the 25th when we find out whether or not that hole in her mouth has healed or if she needs a couple of stitches. So this week is all about food!!! And fun!!! And resting whether she likes it or not!!!

Happy Monday all and L’shanah tovah to all of Rosie’s friends celebrating a new year.