Sept. 28, 2012 Rosie gifts

A little housekeeping is in order…packages for Rosie arrive several times a week. I did really well with acknowledging them quickly at first but got behind. Eddie tried to help by opening the stack of packages – which was really nice – but he separated the cards from the presents so I don’t know who sent what 🙁 If you sent something to Rosie and haven’t heard from me, will you send me an email and tell me what you sent so I can make sure it was received?

And, Rosie received a very lovely pink winter coat with a matching brooch – very chic – and the only return address was the boutique. I have no idea what thoughtful person sent the coat. If the sender will email me, I will make sure that when the weather cools down, we get a photo of Rosie to you.

On the Rosie front, she was a little wild flower last night! She is feeling stronger and sassier every day! If her legs functioned properly she would be hard to catch in a game of tag – she tries really hard to get me to chase her on the bed and I let her win each time. She is such a character. We are going to the park again this weekend and are taking a couple of our other dogs along too.
So stay tuned!