Sept. 3, 2012 Rosie update

Rose is progressing very well. I am actually shocked at how well she is doing. She spent some time in her playpen today – the first time in two weeks – and enjoyed herself.

Her playpen is basically an xpen we drape with blankets so she doesn’t come into contact with any metal. The floor is covered with blankets and she has a wee wee pad in the corner. We put her toys in there too and she drapes herself over them.

As much as she thinks she s well and can chew on things, she can’t so as soon as she starts mouthing items we have to take them away. The mouthing is new for Rosie. If you remember she only mouthed one toy in another video and in general she nudges things with her nose. However since her first surgery let her tongue move more freely and now the second one has removed all of the obstacles to her using her mouth normally, she is trying to taste things and trying to bite them!

I hope you find this new development as exciting as I do – she is really blossoming now!

Thank you everyone and I will get more video tomorrow.