Sept. 7, 2012 Rosie continues to improve

Rosie continues to improve. Although I don’t have a scale at home, she is gaining her weight back – I can tell by looking at her. As I said yesterday, her energy level is good and we have our hands full trying to keep her amused and quiet at the same time!

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking if Rosie is still seeing Dr. Lupo and Malibu Vet Clinic and I wanted to say absolutely! Dr. Lupo referred us to Dr. Walker for specialized surgery. Dr. Walker did a wonderful job and will continue to work with us until Rosie’s jaw is the best it can be. But Dr.Lupo and his wonderful staff are her primary health advisors! FYI: I spoke to Dr. Lupo yesterday and he shared with me that he visited Rosie while she was in the hospital recovering from her surgery – how sweet is that?

Anyway, we will definitely have some new pix of Rosie this weekend to share with everyone. Have a happy Friday.