Sept. 9, 2012 Rosie is moving about much better

As some of you have noticed, Rosie is moving about much better than she did before. Not having those teeth in her way has made a tremendous difference in her – she is more confident, she is more focused and she is Rosier if that it possible!

When I first brought her home, I wasn’t sure that she would ever be able to move more than on and off a bed to a wee pad and back. But I discovered that given a goal, she found a way to reach it. So I started putting her a few feet away, then a bit further and so on until she has built up enough strength to get around as well as you saw her do on the video yesterday. The more I entice her, the more she moves and if she is ever going to be strong enough to push a wheelie cart, she has to build up muscles in those hind legs and she has to get used to stretching them all the way.

She has clearance to take food from our hand rather than via syringe but that isn’t working so well. She (and whichever one of us is doing the feeding) ends up wearing about half of the food. She is still trying to figure out how to use the tongue that was trapped in her mouth for so long. She is learning, yesterday she was licking and cleaning my arm and I thought I was going to cry… she has never been able to do that. Yeah for Rosie!