Sept. 29, 2012 Rosie with friends at home (video)

We get lots of questions about what Rosie’s regular day is like and what dogs she lives with. We spend a lot of time outdoors with the dogs and today we made a short video to introduce Rosie’s family here. These dogs: Pogo, Charity and Gabriel are also special needs dogs we adopted over the past few years. Pogo refuses to use a cart, he walks on his hind legs. Charity and Gabriel run around the house like chariot racers in their carts. We hope once Rosie is strong enough she will give them a run for their money in her wheelie!

Rosie with Pogo, Charity and Gabriel 9/29/2012
Pogo was born without front legs and we adopted him in 2006 after his owners went to jail. Gabriel came to us in 2005. His owners closed a garage door on him and then dumped him when he could no longer walk. Charity was hit by a car and her spine was severed. She was left at the Lancaster CA shelter to be euthanized but a wonderful rescue got her out, fixed her up with a cart and we gave her a home. They have a good life and Rosie fits in here very well!

October 8, 2007 Video of Charity and her new wheelchair by

Charity has a new wheelchair and a new home in Seattle, Washington with a fabulous adopter named Cinnamon. Thank you everyone for your support! From, Jon and Sherri and PoochHeaven Rescue and