Special needs dogs are a wonderful addition to any family

Rosie’s FB page and her website were created to do two things: get out the word on backyard and unethical breeding and to show that special needs dogs are a wonderful addition to any family.

Rosie’s message is being heard!

There is a little dog named Abbey that I heard about through Ann from San Diego Chihuahua Rescue. Abby is a stray dog that was hit by a car and left blinded by her injuries. She was already shy and now blind she was really struggling. The woman who found her and paid for her vet care was desperate to find Abby a safe, permanent home.

One of Rosie’s FB family has been pondering the addition of a special needs dog to her family for awhile and coincidentally reached out to me right at the time I was looking for help for Abby. Turns out they are in close proximity to one another and we may have a match!!! So keep your fingers crossed that Abby is able to leave the hospital soon and start her new life with a loving family!