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By sharing Rosie’s image with your friends via a tee shirt, a bumper sticker, or any of the available items, you are also sharing her message of Rescue – Hope – Love!

  • Please Rescue an animal from a shelter rather than buying one from a pet store. You may be that animal’s only chance at life!
  • Give Hope to an abandoned or abused animal by supporting your local rescues and shelters. Foster a dog like Rosie or a frightened senior who doesn’t deserve to spend his/her last days cold and alone in a concrete pen.
  • Spread Love by volunteering to cuddle or walk shelter pets! This is ideal if you live where you can’t have animals or are on a budget – it’s free for you but the joy you bring to that lonely animal is golden!

The beautiful cartoon that completely captures Rosie’s love of life was designed and donated by Lee McRoberts.
The beautiful “Everything’s Comin’ Up Rosie” design is a very special painting of Everything Rosie by Janet O’Neil.
The adorable Rosie sketch was designed and donated by Dog-Atar Productions.
Photography donated by Photographers, Evelien Lupo and Paula Hsien.
Rosie’s adorable logo drawing was designed and donated by Cara Bean.
Other graphics and web help donated by Rosie’s online helper, Lisa Murphy.

International Rosie Zazzle Stores

Antonio the Italian Greyhound Ear poppin' excitement! Look what came in the mail today! Did you get yours????

Antonio the Italian Greyhound
Ear poppin’ excitement! Look what came in the mail today! Did you get yours????

Elliott and Tobias

“I know Tobias, I can’t stop staring either, my little girl is famous,” says Elliott (Rosie’s Papa:)

Thanks for the beautiful mug!

April and Gilbert say “Thank you for the beautiful mug!”

Fancy and Rosie

See what my human mom got today? Looks good on me huh? ~ fancy

Colwyn's Rosie calendar

Colwyn loves his Rosie calendar and wishes he could have met her. ♥