Today marks the 2 year anniversary that Cinnamon rescued Rosie

Missing rosie - two years since rescue

Two years ago today, I pulled up in front of an ordinary home in Woodland Hills to rescue an extraordinary little dog from a hoarding situation. I knew she had issues, I knew she was different; I knew she was going to need a lot of care. I had no plan, no expectations…I was floored when the woman handed her to me and let me take her brother and cousin too. As I drove her, Groby and Gogo to Dr. Lupo I was heartsick – I was certain she was beyond help. By the time the staff at Malibu Vet had cleaned her up and said there were things we could try, I was completely smitten by Rosie. She had my heart and she still does.

I saw the world through new eyes, flowers and animals and even sand looked so different, so much more interesting and so much more precious. As Rosie explored…inhaled really…her new surroundings I began to appreciate the many things I took for granted every day.

Rosie brought out the best in me. Things that used to bother me didn’t register anymore. I didn’t care if another car cut us off, Rosie and I were in no hurry…as long as we were together, we already were where we needed to be.

Where once I couldn’t wait for June 20 to roll around, I can’t wait for this day to be over. The week before Rosie died, we were sitting on the bed while I dreamed up ways we could celebrate her freedom day to benefit other dogs like her. I planned to announce a Rosie tour to build awareness of animal hoarding and backyard breeding. I truly believed that I was going to help Rosie educate and advocate for years to come.

Rosie gave me a voice, she gave me energy, she gave me courage, and without her…well…I am pretty ineffective. Through Rosie’s page, animals have found homes and people have been educated. Rosie’s brother Groby has raised funds to help dozens of dogs in her memory too. Yet, I look at my Facebook newsfeed and there are hundreds of reminders that there is so much more to do so other dogs have the chance Rosie had.

Rosie and I should be at the beach right now enjoying the remains of the day. I can see her on her blanket, looking at her beloved ocean, looking always forward, trusting that there will be another day, another hug, another slurp of whipped cream. In her memory, take time to enjoy the small details…take time to enjoy the ones you love. I miss her more each day.
Be well,

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