Help Save Little Malie!

Many of Rosie’s facebook friends remember Miss Trixie, Rosie’s best friend that crossed the rainbow bridge October 7th 2012, and her mommy Kristen.

Trixie and her Mommy

Trixie and her Mommy

Even though Kristen and her husband Phil still mourn the passing of Miss Trixie, they’ve continued to save lives. We are hoping that our friends can help, share or pray for one of their little girls named Malie…


Read Malie’s full story here.

Malie has lived most of her life in a puppy mill where the conditions she was living in were horrendous. She had no human contact and was severely neglected. She deserves a chance at a good life. This little Girl is at the vets fighting for her life. She has pneumonia and is having to stay on oxygen and get round the clock care. The vet bills will be mounting so anything you all can send will help lighten the load.

Please everyone keep Malie in your thoughts and prayers. After 5 yrs of living in a breeding shed with no human contact she deserves to live the remainder of her years as a beloved fur baby. If you would rather donate directly to the vet. It is Main Street veterinary in Lumberton Texas 409-755-6100.

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(FUNDRAISER IS CLOSED NOW 🙂 08-15-13. Kristen says: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who shared, prayed and donated for my little Malie. She’s home now and doing much better. The medication is helping her breath, and she’s back to her playful self. I love you all ♥ ♥. “

Learn about Malie:

Follow Malie, Kristen and Phil as they continue posting her progress on facebook:

Rosie’s Pack is sending much love and prayers to Kristen and her family and we know Miss Trixie is smiling, knowing that her mommy continues on, saving those less fortunate and giving them their final years with much love, comfort and care.