July 17, 2013 Rosie Update (pics)

Last night, she was slightly swollen in the neck/jaw area. This morning, the left side looked like she had swallowed a tennis ball. She saw Dr. Lupo and at this point, we don’t know what is going on. She is not running a fever, the inside of her mouth looks fine, her heart and lungs are fine. Her appetite is good.

A biopsy was done on the swelling and we will know the results by Friday. We are hoping this is merely an abscessed lymph node or an infection that will clear up with antibiotics. She is a bit constipated (more than usual), otherwise she is her happy, cheerful, tail wagging nosy Rosie.

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. Think good thoughts and we’ll update on Friday!

Rosie 071813

You can see the swelling and the spot where they did the biopsy. Poor girlie 🙁


Rosie and Daddy 071813

Rosie and Daddy… he was happy to be able to bring her home. Like all good daddies he was worried she would have to stay overnight!