May 25, 2013 Rosie Update

Sorry for the silence everyone. I started work Monday on an event that takes place next week. I’ve been working long days away from Rosie and that has been tough. She is resilient and as long as she has her big pile of blankets to lounge on, and lots of cuddles when I get home, she adjusts. It’s much harder for me though!

When people meet Rosie they remark that she is very special and when people hold Rosie they often say she makes them feel happy or content.

Being apart from her the majority of the time this past week, I think the best way to describe her is to say she is a happy pill! I worry about her and tons of other things when we are apart. When I get home, and she is bouncing on those little bent legs to let me know she has been waiting for me, I scoop her up and everything is suddenly great. She is truly a little gift and I am very blessed to have her in my life.

I’m giving her a bath later – she hasn’t had one in ages because of her ankle – and tomorrow we are going to the park. I’ll post photos of her bath of course.
Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone.