Oct. 18-19, 2012 Rosie Update

Thurs/Fri update: Rosie has an appointment with Dr. Lupo Saturday morning to see what he thinks about starting some physical therapy. He may want to wait until she has her next post surgical follow up with Dr. Walker (which is next week) but hopefully we will get the green light to at least meet with the physical therapists to get a plan in place.

I don’t expect miracles here – Rosie’s been blessed with a few of those – but I would like her to be strong enough to use a cart. I see those little wheels turning in her head, I watch her as she is watching other dogs or people speed past her, and I see her work those little legs as she figures out in her head how she is going to do something.

She is still sleeping in the bed by the way…little stinker is getting very spoiled 🙂

I will post the update after we see Dr. Lupo Saturday!