Oct 31, 2103 Halloween – 3 weeks since Rosie left (pic)

It’s Halloween and it’s week three since she left. I’m still as lost today as I was when I handed her over to be cremated.

Yesterday, I tried to explain to someone what she meant to me. I told this friend that Rosie was like the beautiful spun glass creations that enchant you but you can’t have because your clumsy little hands might break them, she was like the sunbeam a cat chases…she was fragile and beautiful and when you held her you wanted to pinch yourself.

I hurt and I am going to hurt for a very long time. It would be so easy to walk away and lick my wounds alone but then the hoarders and unethical breeders win. Those greedy monsters who haunt our world everyday will win…and that isn’t going to happen on my watch. My little lady has a mission for me!

Here’s Rosie last Halloween summoning up all of her sass and saying Boo to the greeders and hoarders!!!

Rosie Halloween 2012

Rosie Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween,