Rosie’s first ‘real’ Christmas 2012 (pics)

Rosie’s first ‘real’ Christmas 2012 (pics)

Rosie spent Christmas Eve with her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. She was not sure what to make of all the commotion! Note the cards and the abundance of toys…she really doesn’t need anything else in life but love! And if you don’t see a toy that you sent, it is in her toybox in the car. She goes nowhere without a supply of playthings and blankets!

Rosie under the tree in her Christmas Angel sweater

She is not happy that the cupcakes don’t taste as good as they looked! Grandmother tricked her!

Rosie under the tree with her cousin Tristan and his rescued pup Lily.

Not sure about Lily!

Christmas morning in her playpen. Some of these toys are new and some she has gotten over the months!
She knows where each and every toy goes and I moved her pink lamb to make room. She smelled it over and over not sure why/how the lamb moved 🙂

Modeling a new sweater and a new collar on a matching blanket!!! She is too chic.

Are these mine?