Rosie’s Super Saturday! Dec. 8th, 2012 (pics)

Rosie went to the Cat & the Fiddle today for lunch and to meet up with her Dad Elliot and some of her other relatives. Then she went to vist her Uncle Henry at Goo Salon. She had a great day!

Elliott seeing Rosie for the first time since they were rescued. He whispered in her ear how pretty she looked and how happy he was for her new wonderful life!

Leslie (Elliot’s mom) and Sarah cuddling Rosie. All the dogs got lots of love today!

Sarah and Anna holding Pepper! Sarah runs the Help Still Needed page and Anna is the gal that got the ball rolling for the rescue operation. Pepper still needs a home!!!

Jen holding Rosie. She adopted Pixie the little black and white cutie pie. Pixie is related to Rosie we just aren’t sure as an Aunt or Cousin.

Neda and Jen – it was great for all of us to get together with the dogs and compare notes on their progress.

Anna & Pixie!

Rosie with her father Elliot! He is so suave!

Rosie is eyeing Toto…he is a handsome guy!

Sarah and Rose. Pepper wants to smell Rosie…Rosie says maybe…

Rosie at Goo Salon…

I see you!

Awaiting spuds!!! One of her favorite meals!

Anna & Toto!

Anna & Rosie!