Sept. 14, 2012 Rosie update

Friday update: Rosie is doing great. We have been letting her do her thing the past two days – by that I mean we have not bugged her with the camera or fussed with her mouth other than to rinse and swab it to check that her stitches are good. As I’ve said before, Rosie never had an opportunity to figure out what she liked/didn’t like, she was just trying to survive. Now that she doesn’t have to worry about being trampled by other dogs, doesn’t have to worry about where her food and water is coming from or if someone is going to get to it first, she is exploring and learning as she would have as a puppy/young dog.

She is capable of making more noises than we realized and she is being very vocal lately. When I come home, she makes a new sort of squealing noise until I pick her up and hold her. She lets me know when I need to put her down off the bed and onto a wee wee pad. She is asserting herself the way a dog raised in a loving home would do…she is becoming a little more like a dog every day.

And she is trying really hard to use her front legs more. They don’t fully extend and they aren’t currently strong enough to support her if she tries to use her toes, but the point that she is trying…that she is testing them is what I find impressive!

I hope to get that on video this weekend so you can see what I mean!
Happy Friday!