Sept. 5, 2012 Rosie Update (pic)

Rosie is very much on the mend. I had a great conversation today with her surgeon, Dr. Lo and her nurse Laura about her progress. The biopsy results came in and there is no tumor, no cancer, no abnormality – the tissue is all salivary gland. She will go next week to have her stitches out and she should not have any further issues with her throat! I also mentioned that some folks were concerned that I should not have taken Rosie to the beach. Neither Dr. nor Nurse Laura had a problem with her going out in a limited way and they agree with me that she will heal far faster if she is happy.

Yesterday I said Rosie gets restless when she doesn’t get to go out or do something. I think sometimes people don’t realize that inside that tiny crooked body there is a heart, a will and a mind equal to any dog. She wants what she wants and what she sees others have.

There are two pillows on the bed. Once the bed is made, there is a lightweight bedspread over them. Another Chihuahua, Blanca, pulls down the bedspread everyday and sleeps on Eddie’s pillow. Rosie growls at Blanca if she thinks Blanca is going after my pillow. Today, as I was trying to revive my computer, Rosie was in a plush bed, covered in a blanket, positioned on the foot end of my bed. A little sun was streaming through the window onto my pillow and I heard Rosie growl a bit and figured Blanca must have looked like she was heading that direction. A few minutes later, I turned around and saw Rosie on my pillow looking like the cat that ate the canary. As you can see in the photo, she is quite pleased with herself.

She has never done that before and I am proud of her for getting out of her bed, getting away from her blanket and moving to the head of the bed where she pulled down the bedspread and climbed up on my pillow. She is all dog and I love her for being her 🙂

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