Woodland Hills, CA Hoarder One Year Reunion 2013 (pics & videos)

Rosies Hoard family

Reunion June 20, 2013

“Our first of many reunions was so much fun!! It was a blast seeing all the dogs together. It made us so happy to know that they are all in wonderful, loving homes. The last time we saw most of them, they were extremely shy and timid, all had flea dermitis and their fur was patchy and dry. Now – they all have sleek and lovely hair, are extremely curious and have especially bonded with their moms. Here are some of the special moments captured!” ~ Woodland Hills Hoarder Dogs

“The extraordinary Sarah Sypniewski put together this remarkable video of our reunion. Sarah – thank you!! It’s amazing. Thank you for this video and for everything you do and continue to do.” ~ Anna

Source: www.viddler.com/v/6d1dff1e
Video produced and edited by Sarah Sypniewski.

And because Everything Rosie has her own page and legion of fans and folks who love her, Sarah created a Rosie version of the reunion video. Enjoy!

Source: www.viddler.com/v/13c35859
Video produced and edited by Sarah Sypniewski.

Be sure to follow along with some of Rosie’s Hoard Family on Facebook and watch them grow with their new families ūüôā …

Home Still Needed

Connor, rescued from Woodland Hills Hoarder

Conner is the only dog that has not been adopted yet (from this hoarding situation.) He’s in loving, responsible hands with¬†New Life K-9 Rescue¬†but we’d all like to see him in a permanent home. Please go to http://www.newlifek-9rescue.org/ for adoption information or to donate to his care – we know his special forever home is out there.

Rosie Anniversary